Durant: Time to say how I feel

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Kevin Durant says he is going to be more honest and open when speaking to the media, whom he claims twist anything he says.

Durant made the shocking decision to end his nine-year association with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Seattle Supersonics for the first season) when he signed with the Golden State Warriors in free agency over three months ago.

The move means Durant will now link up with two-time and last year’s unanimous MVP Steph Curry, as well as all-stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, forming the NBA’s latest “superteam” in the process.

It seems the change of scenery has also prompted a change of character in the seven-time NBA All-Star, who from now it seems will be straight to the point in his views from now on.

“Man, whatever I say is going to be twisted up,” Durant said.

“So I can’t . . . I’m just going to say how I feel from now on. People that know me know what I mean, so it is what it is. Anything I say will be twisted up and be a headline. So it is what it is.”

One of the speculated reasons KD decided to move to the Bay Area was due to a breakdown in relationship with point guard with Russell Westbrook, who like Durant, played in one NBA Finals in 2012 with the Thunder, losing to the Miami Heat in doing so.

It’s been well documented that the Warriors were the team to stop Durant and Westbrook from reaching the Finals this year, despite OKC leading 3-1 after game four, and Durant surprisingly revealed that Golden State’s collapse against the Cavs made the move a reality.

“As they lost, it became more and more real every day,” Durant said. “You start to think about it even more. To see if I would fit. Then once I sat down with these guys, everything that I wanted to know about them, they kinda showed me.

“But we don’t have to talk about [what would have happened if the Warriors had won the title], because they didn’t get the job done, and they came after me.

“I guess you could say I’m glad that they lost.”

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