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  • Andy Miller sees multiple NBA players part ways

Based on an FBI corruption probe, agent Andy Miller saw several ties with multiple NBA players called off. Christian Dawkins, an employee of Miller’s agency, was one of 10 people who were arrested on federal corruption charges last week. Following public awareness of the ongoing FBI investigation, Justin Patton and Edmond Sumner decided to part ways with Miller. Miller also represents Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, Myles Turner and Kristaps Porzingis. The problems continue to pile on for Miller as Willie Reed filed an arbitration claim of $13.5 million, claiming that he was defrauded.


  • Rob Hennigan named VP of Insight & Foresight by the Oklahoma City Thunder

Will Dawkins was promoted to Vice President of Identification & Intelligence as Rob Hennigan was named the Vice President of Insight and Foresight by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Under his new profile, Hennigan will have to look after Strategic planning, Data Science & Solutions and Information Management & Counsel. Sam Presti expressed his delight to welcome back Rob to the Thunder. He was there in the early stages when the foundation for the Thunder was built, and it was only right that he’s back. Sam didn’t hold back from praising Will’s accomplishment with the organisation proving the talent and abilities he possesses. Hennigan served as General Manager for the Orlando Magic for the final five seasons, after his first tenure with the Thunder (2008-12) where he served as the team’s Assistant General Manager/Player Personnel. Dawkins has been a part of the Thunder in each of its ten seasons, working under different profiles which saw him become the scouting coordinator, assistant video coordinator and front office intern, and then the Director of College and Player Personnel.


  • Draft Lottery Reform approved by NBA

The draft lottery reform legislation has been voted to pass by the NBA Board of Governors. The NBA draft lottery reform passed by 28-1-1 vote. The Dallas Mavericks abstained, and the Oklahoma City Thunder voted against. A 14% chance of getting the No. 1 overall pick will be shared among the three teams with the worst records. It is a change from the current system replicating descending percentages of 25, 19.9 and 15.6. The small market teams hesitated on the plan, but it went through in the end. The 2019 lottery will see the new changes brought into effect.



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