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Wiggins sealing the deal with last-second shot

Oklahoma City Thunder was well on their way to victory after their newly acquired star Carmelo Anthony put his team ahead by two points with five seconds remaining on the clock. The Thunders were getting ready to celebrate as victory seemed imminent for them. But Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins had an entirely different story to write. With barely, a couple of seconds remaining Wiggins hit an unbelievable under the circumstances three-pointer to turn the match results on its head and won it for the Timberwolves 115-113. It was the Thunder’s second straight defeat in a row, and it left both the fans and the team completely stunned. Carmelo who came in as a record signing from the New York Knicks finished with 23 points. The Thunders start the season on a bitter note and lot remains to be seen of the team’s capabilities as the season matures.

Brad Stevens gets a basketball from Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is officially off the court, but that does not stop him from wanting to play with a basketball any less. The Celtics were set to go on the road for their tour, and Brad Stevens asked Hayward if he needed anything to which he was asked to procure for the star a basketball. Stevens gladly obliged and asked his wife to drop one off at Hayward’s. Hayward still has no timetable return period, and he has started chair shooting at home. It is an important process for his rehabilitation and ultimately return to the sport feels experts. Hayward though is probably set to miss the whole season after he fractured his tibia and dislocated his ankle during the first quarter of Celtic’s opening match against the Cavaliers which they lost. But all is not gloomy in the Celtics camp as Stevens reports that the rehabilitation process of Hayward is going smoothly and that he is doing his very best to stay engaged during this time.

Joel Berry joins a long list of injured players

Joel Berry’s career graph has been in somewhat of a haywire this past few week. He started the season off by getting for himself the Most Outstanding Player of the 2017 Final Four with the University Of North Carolina. The past matches have seen Joel Berry at his best, but the next few matches it seems will see him in casual street clothes sitting on the UNC bench watching and cheering his teammates on as they start the season without him. This is all the result of a broken hand. The UNC has realised that the school’s top five highest scoring players are either gone or unavailable to start the season with them, and this might pose a serious threat to their campaign prospects.  


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