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The rags to riches story of Thetford Mines, Quebec

Thetford Mines, Quebec is now looked upon as the hub of young and talented Basketball players. Two decades from today, Thetford mines was synonymous to the pit asbestos mines that were scattered throughout the town. Tidjan Keita, one of the bright prospects of French basketball went back in time and revealed how playing in Thetford Mines channelised his career. Keita explained the secrecy behind Thetford Mines’ success story. He said that intense training and fitness regime made him a competent enough player who could grab a stranglehold on NBA. Thetford Mines CEGEP, a junior college in the region is to be credited to bring out such elite basketball players. Keita has already drawn comparisons to Bruno Caboclo and has the sheer rawness of his game making him an intriguing prospect.


Kansas going all guns blazing to win their 14th straight Big 12 title

Bill Self has inherited what he calls the Kansan Math mindset. The Jayhawks are looking set to clinch their 14th straight Big 12 despite losing few of their star players. Frank Mason III and Josh Jackson, two of the most talented youngsters, were lured away to NBA, but the mentality of the unit remains to be the same. Self-admits that he would miss the big names, but there are players capable enough to turn the tide their way. Devonte Graham, another sensation who averaged 13 points last season will look to fill in Mason’s shoes. The aggressive Lagerald Vick known to score in abundance will look to bolster the backline. The giant UdokaAzibuike, who missed a significant amount of time due to injury is raring to cut loose. The recent transfer season has seen few enigmatic players making their way in Kansas. Self-believe that his team has enough to stay at the top.

However, the NCAA tournament is where the Jayhawks are facing an uphill task. They have performed below par in the last five seasons. The Jayhawks will be boosted with the inclusion of Dedric, K.J.Lawson, and Charlie Moore although the trio has to see the action from the stands under NCAA rules, but can practice with the team.


NBM to be hailed as the Messiah according to Chilima

Chilima revealed how the National Bank of Malawi has helped them develop Basketball in Malawi. Chilima had sent out invitations for sponsorship and requested the Corporate World to foresee the future of Malawi. Malawi had been all praise in his address to the Blantyre Youth Centre of NBM and other sponsors. He has put the onus on the Basketball fraternity to do their part as the sponsors provided the resources. Chilima has emphasised in keeping discipline, and the basketball fraternity must adhere to it.



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