Latest Basketball News (Week 2 May 2018)

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Brian Bowen expresses his desire to stay

Brian Bowen’s lawyer has confirmed that his client will be participating in The Combine, and will get his name in the NBA draft. The Combine will see prodigious talents on the show, and their chance to fulfil their dreams as a professional. Brian was linked to various clubs, but his lawyer has made it clear that his heart belongs to the gamecocks and despite his name up there he will not be getting as much attention as the trio of Marvin Bagley, Collin Sexton, and Michael Porter. The trio is likely to rack up good bids, and will feature as the lottery package expected by many.

Brian’s lawyer Jason Setchen has said that his client loves his life in South Carolina and after all the hardship he has gone through in Louisville, there remains no shadow of doubt that he will be staying here for sometime now. However, legal bounds may see him drafted or returned to college post May 30, when his agreement with Frank Martin and USC expires. NBA ruling will be a major thing now for Brian as his hopes are hanging by a thread. Follow all our World cup free bets here.


Armon Gates is now an official Nebraska basketball staff

NBA veteran Armon Gates will now be in the backdrop of Tim Miles staff, and will be joining Nebraska soon. His issues with Florida coach Mike White led to his departure, and although he was appointed as associated head coach few days ago, Gates will now be heading to Nebraska a place where he played for 5 full seasons. Gates has praised White, and expressed his gratitude to the Florida staff, and now feels Nebraska will be a better fit for him. Tim Miles has always spoken highly of Gates, and recalled his previous experiences, and felt that Gates could well be a role model to his players. It is not clear what role Gates will adapt to, but Miles has mentioned recruiting, and that will be a big bonus to his team as Gates is known to be a great reader of the game.


Legend Gary Fifield feels it is now his time to enjoy retirement

Gary Fifield will no longer coach Cheverus Girls Basketball, and he has expressed his desire to enjoy his retirement life. Gary is one of the most revered coaches and has been inducted to the Hall of Fame previously. He has already led Cheverus to a Class AA semi-finals in his only season. Fifield is 65 now, and added that it was a great experience leading an amazing team, but it is time to call it a day.

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