Latest Basketball News (Week 5 January 2018)

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Michigan turns it around from a shaky start

Michigan had a really tough Monday night. Their opponents, Northwestern would have swept the floor with them, had they not bounced back after the first half. The packed Crisler Center did not witness the offensive might of Michigan for the first fifteen minutes. Instead it was all Northwestern who pulled a tight defense and took the lead. The Wolverines endured a dismal start with just one three pointer and three out of fifteen overall. The Wildcats on the other hand started off the game well and went up 10 to nothing. As the game progressed, Michigan tightened their defense and came back from the huge nine point gap. The Wolverines finally showed some offensive colors as they went up 21-19 at the break. The second half saw a much improved and coordinated Michigan team as they went up eight points with Northwestern closely following with Aaron Falzon. The final quarters it was all a Michigan show as they scored 7 points led by Mortiz Wagner. The Wolverines ended the game winning 57-48. Northwestern though showed real grit and determination and made Michigan play hard for the win.

Louisiana State University suspends 4 players

The Louisiana State University Basketball team suspended four of its players, two for one match and two for the entire season. Mayan Kiir and Galen Alexander both freshmen have been punished for the entire season while sophomore year forward Wayde Sims and guard Brandon Rachal, a freshman have been suspended for the upcoming game. The head coach of the LSU Tigers Will Wade made the announcements at a news conference. Though he did not disclose the events leading to suspension he said some undisclosed incidents led to the four players being sacked. Both Mayan Kiir and Galen Alexander did not enjoy much game appearances this season. While Kiir can return to the team in the next season, Galen Alexander has been dismissed from the LSU team. Alexander just appeared in eight games with playing time of less than three minutes and 6 foot 9 Mayan Kiir played in just eight games with an average of 5.4 minutes per appearance. Will Wade has revealed that Kiir can come back to the team if he maintains discipline in the next season. Wayde Sims and Brandon Rachal will both be back for the match after Tennessee.

Game suspended after brawl breaks out

A brawl broke out between two East Tennessee high school basketball teams in Chattanooga. Austin East Magnet High School and Brainerd School were having an intense match when a junior from Austin hit a senior from Brainerd with a ball after a loose ball mishap. The Brainerd player hit back in response and soon an all-out brawl broke out. The match was suspended.

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