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Jet’s head coach delivers a strong message

Atsushi Ono had his own say when it came to the statistical factor that has weighed in significantly in every recognised sport. Ono expressed his concerns regarding his staff and player had. He said that if your staff puts too much emphasis on stats and facts, then they deviate from the main goal of winning, and the players follow suit.

Speaking during a lecture at the Japan Society of Basketball Studies, Ono said that one plays to win and that is the clearest motto there can be. Going against the present trend, Ono refuses to select players solely from Player efficiency; a statistic is combining a player’s assists, blocks, turnovers, and rebound steal. Atsushi Ono is the philosophy that one should select a player on the intangible merit that they possess, and being a former star guard, Ono could well turn a few heads with the lecture.


Angela Bongomin, already a star in Canada

Considered as a late bloomer, Angela Bongomin is quickly becoming a force to reckon with after representing Canada twice in as many years. Her exploits earned her a silver in U18 FIBA Americas in 2016, and bronze in U19 FIBA Women’s World Cup a year later. Angela showed interests in individual sports, but the concept of teamwork and collectiveness left a deep note inside her mind, and success followed soon after that.

Angela is well known for her powerful runs and stamina to help the team when needed. Angela revealed that Canadian Basketball has changed significantly over past few years, and it is not about participation, but the zeal to win. Angela believes that the Canadian Women Basketball Team could reach its zenith, and by the looks of it, one can guarantee Angela leading Canada in the near future. Currently, Angele is looking forward to the upcoming Summer Universiade in Taipan City.


Perth Wildcats going all technical this season

Artificial Intelligence has taken this generation by storm, and its inclusion in every field shows its value. Sports remain to be a lucrative field to explore using AI, and in a first Perth Wildcats Basketball Club, is featuring Wilbot Chatbot in the National Basketball League of Australia. In its bid to better the communication with the fans Wilbot will be operating through Facebook Messenger.

Wilbot will be updating fan who are encouraged to sign up so that they can have access to latest updates and one can ask questions related to the current NBL champions as well. With the options of merchandise, news, and memberships Wilbot is characterized to lure in stalwarts with the concept of knowledge and fun. The club might well be dishing out incentives so that more people join hands and share their opinions and listen to Wilbot.



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