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Basketball coaches arrested for corruption charges

Four assistant basketball coaches, USC’s Tony Bland, Arizona’s Emanuel Richardson, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State and Chuck Person of Auburn have been arrested on accounts of corruption and frauds. The United States Southern District of New York’s Attorney office will meet to discuss the charges against these four assistant coaches. They are accused of accepting payments from agents. Chuck Person has been heavily indicted of accepting payments from an outside agent who wanted to develop a business with Austin Willey and his family. Even the director of global sports marketing of Adidas, Jim Gatto has been arrested on corruption charges. He is accused of funding about $100,000 to the family of an American school basketball player to ensure sponsorship. Reports have come up stating the boy’s name to be Brian Bowen. A sports agent, Christian Dawkins was also arrested in this respect. Apparently, he was involved in the monetary transaction between the two sides. There are also reports of an unnamed Louisville coach who was very hands down in this operation.


Arizona’s Rawle Alkins withdraws from NBA 2017 draft

Rawle Alkins is one of the most impactful players to have withdrawn from the NBA draft. He has decided to go back to the Arizona Wildcats for his sophomore year. Alkins has been a very impactful player for the Wildcats and easily the best guard. Many also say that for the Wildcats to be in serious competition next year, Rawle Alkins will play a very pivotal role. He has the highest defensive box plus or minus or the highest defensive points per 100 possessions along with an excellent rebound and assists percentage. He is also pretty impressive with a 46.3 percent shooting from the field, a 37 percent from the deep and 73 percent from free throws. He also averaged 10.9 points every game. Alkins also boasts of having two double-doubles last season which also makes him the first guard to have it since 2004. So for Arizona Wildcats to be in full contention of the title, Rawle Alkins will prove to be the most influential player.


Lincoln’s best basketball player moves to Seattle

Lincoln High School’s best player, Trevante Anderson has moved to Rainier Beach. The point guard was responsible Lincoln’s 26-0 record and going up to the semifinals where they lost to Nathan Hale, the top team in the nation. In a shocking move, Anderson has moved to Rainier Beach. Aubrey Shelton, the former coach of Anderson was shocked with the transfer news. The Lincoln coach was not happy with the transfer and took to Twitter to vent out his frustrations. This lead to a banter between the coach and Cleveland Cavaliers player Isaiah Thomas.



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